SINCE - 1989, Our aphorism towards a revolutionary change.

Marphi Global

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Marphi Global : Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

We at Marphi Global offer you top notch eco-friendly products, adding significant impact to your sustainable lifestyle, thus reducing your “carbon footprint”. We consciously examine our collaborations, where our products are sourced from, what goes into the product and also how it adds value to the nature. We work towards providing superior product satisfaction to our customers.

Merging traditions with innovations, we focus on minimising the usage of plastic plates and carry bags, replacing them with more conventional, sustainable alternatives, like Palm leaf and Wheat husk plates. Our trendy yet ecological Tote bags, have its origin from biodegradable materials like cotton and jute.

Our signature product –the Moringa Capsule a traditional remedy  presented in capsule form to ease the mode of consumption and reach out to millions.
Moringa Oleifera – a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic plant, traditionally used as remedy for conditions like joint pain, heart health, cancer and diabetes, now has a new face lift  in the form of  consumable tiny capsules with infinite health benefits.

Blend yourselves to the goodness of nature, through our finest collection of eco-friendly, energy saving and organic products, skilfully engineered to meet your mundane needs that ensure the economic viability, environmental protection and social equity.

Our Story

Our Story

Established in the year 1989 in Kochi, the Queen of the Arabian Sea carrying forward a legacy of three decades in business, with our love for nature, resource friendly initiatives, creative and innovative contributions, Marphi Global made it big.

Named after my parents Mary and Philip, the sheer inspirations throughout my life, Marphi Global is an extraction from the main stimulants. It’s our guarantee that, you will experience a traditional richness of the motherhood, conventional, social and ecological commitment towards your sustainable living, through the products we provide.

Our products Moringa Capsules, Biodegradable Tote bags, Organic Tea, Leaf Plates, etc. are across the markets all over India and available online worldwide as well. 

We trust in assisting you on your journey to a natural, traditional & healthy lifestyle.

Core Principles


 We believe that, It’s never late to return to nature. And so we pivot around the core principle of an eco-friendly environment, reducing wastage, encouraging reusable and providing clean, safe and alternative products beneficial for the ecosystem.


We believe in planning for the future ahead. In compliance with our motto – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle we ensure less wastage of the resources and effective utilization of natural deposits, thus fostering our company’s longevity. Our company commits to sustainable products and practices.


Through our collaborative measures we ensure quality products to our end customers, which in turn leads to better productivity and creativity. We believe in evolving and thriving together while supporting each other towards reciprocity.


As the world today prioritises ethical efforts and positive attitude, transparency is very much in demand and we at Marphi Global never compromise on trust. We reap the rewards of increased customer satisfaction, faster growth and potential by prioritising transparency and accountability.

Core Principles
Social Commitment

Social Commitment

Our prime focus on quality products to our end customer, comes with the assurance that we contribute to the welfare of our society and environment. The crux of Marphi Global is to provide our customers with eco-friendly products that promote an ethical balance between profitability and benefiting society as a whole. 

We have our eyes on sustainable development, keeping up to our social responsibility; concurrently boosting our company morale.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

With reduced use of harmful products that threaten the equilibrium of nature, we intent to create less wastage. Eco friendly raw materials used in our products ensure a clean and healthy environment, arresting the problem of energy depletion at the source. Our primary focus is on the products for diurnal use, reduce the detrimental effects and to safeguard our natural environment.

One of the primary benefits, of our products is that they are re-usable. Our bags, coconut shell containers and plates vouch for this. Such innovations help us in avoiding the wastage of resources and gives the satisfaction that we are preserving nature for our next generation. Thus we adhere to our objective of sustaining and conserving nature through our eco-friendly product range.

Whatever be the system we dwell in, it’s a moral responsibility to rinse out and sort out our recyclables. Be the change, as you help the environment by purchasing products with recycled materials.
And so, we strive to provide you with products that gets manufactured using fewer natural resources and lesser energy.