Our Affiliate

Million Realtors

Million Realtors

Marphi Global is affiliated with Million realtors in matters relating to its administration, record checks, service advice and other research and development. Taking the affiliate route, helps us in bypassing the learning curve and in keeping check on the substantial expenditures and minimize the risk factor.

In the best interest of both the companies, we thrive as separate entities. Intransigent perfection is our metric at Million Realtors. We condition our allies with the best resources and most effective work environment to ensure a first-rate service. We are diligent in supporting your best interests as seasoned negotiators. With 34 years of experience and expertise, we have attained this desirable position, and our reputation gives our clients the confidence to work with us. As a bizarre real estate firm, we were able to operate beyond boundaries and offer discrete guidance to all kinds of real estate transactions. We wholeheartedly coincide that enduring relationships are the foundation of a thriving company. Our openness and honesty further strengthen our relationship with our clientele, which we envisage as our major pillar of strength.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a stellar real estate experience. We yearn to expand beyond your normal expectations and limitations. Hence we uphold our ethics with Integrity & Honesty and envisage these as our imprint on our clients.
As our niche, being a Bizarre Real estate company, we commit to guarantee our valuable clients:

  • Due diligence.
  • Property Title Check-Legal.
  • Revenue Documents Clearance.
  • Measurement of property.
  • Negotiation & Mode of payment.
  • Clearance from other departments.
  • Sale Agreement/MOU.
  • Sale Deed Drafting.
  • Registration.
  • Mutation till handing over.
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