Moringa Capsule – The Natural Binder

A signature product from Marphi Global with the richness of Moringa Oleifera encapsulated in capsules. It’s a single ingredient product of dried Moringa leaves and we ease the consumption of Moringa leaves in the form of capsules.

This nutritional power house, with its mind-blowing health benefits, plays a major part in redefining the healthy lifestyle of the wellness-oriented consumers. Enriched with a variety of vitamins, minerals, iron and antioxidants it’s the best antidote for many lifestyle diseases. Researches have proved that Moringa is a libido booster and an aphrodisiac.

The homogeneously dried leaves are ground, sterilized, lab tested and then encapsulated. The dosage is checked frequently and packed and sealed as per the requirements.

Get yourself a dose of this daily green and enjoy the benefits of Moringa, hassle free.